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MovieStocks without Release Dates

MovieStock Title
12OCB Charm City Kings aka Twelve aka 12 O’Clock Boys
1906 1906
1STCH First Chair aka Untitled Reed Morano
20LUS Captain Nemo aka 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Disney
21JS3 24 Jump Street aka 21 Jump Street spinoff
247 24/7
3CHRS Three Christs
3TYOL Three Thousand Years of Longing
40THV Forty Thieves
48HRS 48 Hours
4CHIT Four Kids and It
5ABLT Five Against a Bullet
5NAFD Five Nights at Freddy's
6MILL The Six Billion Dollar Man
6MTMN Six Minutes to Midnight
6UNDG 6 Underground
7500 7500
8FSLV Eight for Silver
9DAYS Nine Days
ABLO2 Atomic Blonde 2
ABSUS Above Suspicion
ADPHW Adopt a Highway
AFARM Animal Farm
AFEXL After Exile
AFRCA Africa
AFRGN A Foreigner
AFTR2 After We Collided
AFTRY After Yang
ALCHM The Alchemist
ALIE5 Alien 5
ALMLF All My Life
ALNAT Alien Nation
ALRIS All Rise aka Monster
AMANW A Man's World
AMERI The American
AMNAH Americanah
AMONT Ammonite
AMRAD American Radical
AMSKN American Skin
AMTRM A Moment To Remember
AMULT Amulet
AMUND Amundsen
AMWMN American Woman - Semi Chellas
ANGLF Angel Face
ANMAL Animals
ANMLC Animal Crackers
ANNET Annette
ANNFR Where is Anne Frank
ANTLR Antlers
ANUBS Anubis
AOKNV All the Old Knives
AOVA2 Act of Valor: SWAT
AQOWF All Quiet on the Western Front
ARDNY A Rainy Day in New York
ARKNS Arkansas
ARTEM Artemis
ASPD2 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2
ASTRD Asteroids
ASUNH A Sunday Horse
ASWKN All-Star Weekend
ATRIT Across The River And Into The Trees
ATTWN And Then There Were None
AWLIE A White Lie
AWPAT A Willing Patriot
AYAFD Are You Afraid of the Dark?
AZWAR Aztec Warrior
BADAM Black Adam
BADM3 Bad Moms' Moms
BALLR Ballers
BARBI Barbie
BATGR Batgirl
BATKD Batkid
BBRAC The Billion Brick Race
BBYLN Babylon
BDADS Bad Dads
BDBLD Bad Blood
BDCAM Body Cam
BDEDU Bad Education
BDRV2 Baby Driver 2
BEET2 Beetlejuice 2
BENDS The Bends
BENDT Benedetta aka Blessed Virgin
BERGM Bergman Island
BERST Bernstein
BESM3 The Best Man Wedding aka The Best Man 3
BGALA Battlestar Galactica
BHAIR Bad Hair
BHCP4 Beverly Hills Cop
BHOLE The Black Hole
BILLI The United States Vs. Billie Holiday
BKBRD Brooklyn Bridge
BLAWH Black and White
BLAZS Blazing Samurai
BLCBD Blackbird
BLCNT The Black Count
BLDMN Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon
BLKBD Blackbird - Mamet
BLKBT Black Beauty
BLKHO Black Hole
BLOSM Blossoms
BMERD Blood Meridian
BNIYC Breaking News in Yuba County
BNKMT Banking on Mr. Toad
BOLAN Mack Bolan aka The Executioner
BONDE Blonde
BOOGE Boogie
BORDG The Last Patriots aka Border Guards
BOSSL Boss Level
BOSTG Booster Gold
BOSTN Boston Strong
BPHNT The Black Phantom
BRFTB Taking Flight aka Barefoot Bandit
BRIDF Bride of Frankenstein
BRNCO Bronco Belle
BTADL Big Time Adolescence
BTBMD Born to be Murdered
BTILC Big Trouble in Little China
BTRIA Bermuda Triangle
BTRPR Beat the Reaper
BTRUI Beautiful Ruins
BTRUN Born to Run
BTRUS Based On A True Story aka D'apres Une Histoire Vraie
BURNT The Burnt Orange Heresy
BWKTM The Boy Who Knew Too Much
CACRM Crime After Crime
CALLJ Call Jane
CASDT Castro's Daughter
CATFT Catfight
CAWAY Come Away
CBNVK Cowboy Ninja Viking
CEDUM Criminal Empire for Dummies
CGEOR Curious George
CHAGN Coming Home Again
CHAOW Chaos Walking
CHRRY Cherry
CITGR Castle in the Ground
CLEOP Cleopatra
CLFHN Cliffhanger
CLUDS Clouds
CNVEL Code Name Veil
CODUT Call of Duty
COLAF Cochran & LaFarge
CONCB Concrete Cowboys
CONSW Console Wars
COREP Young Americans aka College Republicans
CORUP The Corrupted
COTNW Children of the New World
CRAFT The Craft
CRAS2 Crazy Rich Asians 2: China Rich Girlfriend
CRKDM The Crooked Man
CRTBL The Creature From The Black Lagoon
CRTND Courting Danger
CRWDR The Crowded Room
CSFTS Chicken Soup for the Soul
CUTTC Cut Throat City
CYOA Choose Your Own Adventure
D5BLD Da 5 Bloods
DADIO Daddio
DALIL Dali Land
DARKU Justice League Dark aka Dark Universe
DENO2 Den of Thieves 2: Pantera
DEPER Deeper
DIEH6 McClane aka Die Hard: Year One
DINGF Die in a Gunfight
DIRTM Dirt Music
DITWC The Devil in the White City
DIVSN The Division
DJAN2 Django/Zorro
DLJFD The Death and Life of John F. Donovan
DMIRL Prima aka Dance of the Mirlitons
DNBR2 Don't Breathe 2
DOCSV Doc Savage
DOLPH Dolphin Reef aka Blue
DOORM The Doorman
DPRTU Departure
DREML Dreamland - Nicholas Jarecki
DRHRS Dream Horse
DRMLD Dreamland
DRSKN Deerskin
DSTRK Deathstroke
DVRG4 The Divergent Series: Ascendant aka Allegiant Part 2
DWDRL Don't Worry Darling
DWNHL Downhill
DWNUC Down Under Cover
EASP2 Body Cross aka Eastern Promises 2
EDGT2 Edge of Tomorrow 2 aka Live, Die, Repeat and Repeat
EMILY Emily the Strange
EMPCH The Emperor's Children
EMPRR Emperor
ENCH2 Disenchanted aka Enchanted 2
ENHAD Entering Hades
ENOLA Enola Holmes
ENZOF Enzo Ferrari
EOWKN Every Other Weekend
ESCNY Escape From New York
ETRBT Eternal Beauty
ETRNT Eternity
EVNMD In the Event of a Moon Disaster
FALIN Falling
FALSP False Positive
FANF2 Fantastic Four
FEAR1 Fear Street
FEAR2 Fear Street 2
FEAR3 Fear Street 3
FELNI Fellini Black & White
FHORS Flying Horse
FLAGD Flag Day
FLASH The Flash
FLSHG Flash Gordon
FMACH Frankie Machine
FMGUY Family Guy Movie
FNAVG Flight of the Navigator
FNKND Finest Kind
FNTHD The Fountainhead
FONAT Force of Nature
FORVR The Forever War
FOSTR Foster
FREXT French Exit
FRGGL Fraggle Rock
FRI12 Friday the 13th
FRICE Fire and Ice
FRID4 Last Friday
FRKSF Freakshift aka Freak Shift
FRSTR Firestarter
FSMCQ Finding Steve McQueen
FTNIT Fight Night
FVOYG Fantastic Voyage
GAKMB Guns Akimbo
GAMBI Gambit
GDFSK Godforsaken aka Untitled Daniel Casey Project
GDRFT Ghost Draft
GEARS Gears of War
GEOHP The Geography of Hope
GFOUR The God Four
GHOFW Ghosts of War
GHOPJ Grasshopper Jungle
GJBEL Good Joe Bell
GLAN2 Green Lantern Corps
GLRIA The Glorias: A Life on the Road
GNURS The Good Nurse
GONEW The Gone World
GOPLC The Jesus Rolls aka Going Places
GOSPJ Janis aka Joplin aka The Gospel According to Janis
GOTG3 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
GPDMS Gunpowder Milkshake
GREM3 Gremlins 3
GRLSO Girl Soldier
GRLT2 Girls Trip 2
GRNKN Green Knight
GRNLN Greenland
GRVBK The Graveyard Book
GRYMN The Gray Man
GSAIL Untitled Hunter Scott Project aka USS Indianapolis
GTOWN Georgetown
GTURS Gran Turismo
GUCCI House of Gucci
GUNDM Gundam
HARBN Harbinger
HBOIL Hard Boiled
HHAFT Harry Haft
HHHH The Man with the Iron Heart aka HHhH
HIGHL Highlander
HITSB Hit Somebody
HMNSN Haunted Mansion
HNSTF Honest Thief
HOLMI Holland, Michigan
HOPGP Hope Gap
HORSB Horse Boy
HOTWH Hot Wheels
HPRFC The Social Life aka He's F-ing Perfect
HPRTY House Party
HPYLF Happy Life
HRZNL Horizon Line
HSOVR Holly Slept Over
HTBAG How to Build A Girl
HTMB2 The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard
HUCAP Human Capital
HUHEF Playboy aka Hugh Hefner Biopic
HUMBG Humbug
ICALT I Care A Lot
IDOLE Idol's Eye
ILVUD I Love You, Daddy
IMCHP I Am Chippendales
IMRT2 Immortals II
INGOW I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive
INTLF Intelligent Life
IOEOW It’s Only the End of the World
IPMN4 Ip Man 4
IRNBK Ironbark
IRSTB Irresistible
ISHE1 Is He The One
ITGOB In the Garden of Beasts
IWIDO It’s What I Do
JACUS An Officer and a Spy aka J'Accuse
JCAUS Just Cause
JCKPT Jackpot
JETSN The Jetsons
JLEA2 Justice League 2
JNGL2 The Jungle Book 2
JNGLN Jungleland
JQUES Jonny Quest
JUDYP Judy & Punch
JURN3 Journey 3
JWMHB Jesus Was My Homeboy
KAJIL Kajillionaire
KAMKZ Kamikaze aka Destroyer
KASTL King of the Kastle
KAYSC Kay Scarpetta
KFURY Kung Fury 2
KHGRD Keyhole Garden
KILER The Killer
KITYP Kitty Pryde aka 143
KKID2 The Karate Kid 2
KLRGM The Killer's Game
KNGKL The Kingkiller Chronicle: The Name of the Wind
KOTFM Killers of the Flower Moon
KOTJN King of the Jungle
KRAMP Killroy was Here aka Comes the Krampus
KRAVN Kraven the Hunter
LABRN City of Lies aka Labyrinth
LDBLK Ladies in Black
LDUEL The Last Duel
LETHG Let Him Go
LIAYR Life In A Year
LIFBK Let It Fall Back
LIFBT The Lifeboat
LITS2 Lights Out 2
LMISE Les Miserables
LNGHM The Long Home
LOGAN Logan's Run
LOUDH The Loud House
LPHOT The Last Photograph
LSNOW Let it Snow
LSOFH Little Shop of Horrors
LTHNG Little Things
LUCIL Lucy and Desi aka Lucille Ball biopic
LWAIN Louis Wain
LWAOD Love, Weddings & Other Disasters
LWVET Little White Corvette
MACBE Macbeth
MADG4 Madagascar 4
MANSG Manson Girls
MANUS The Manuscript
MARGC Margie Claus
MARIO Super Mario Bros.
MARLW Marlowe
MARRY Marry Me
MCCOY The Real McCoy
MCHT3 Machete Kills Again In Space
MDEVL Medieval
MEDUS Medusa
MEDVL Medieval - Sony
MEGAL Megalopolis
MERLN Merlin
MERMD The Little Mermaid - Universal
METHU Methuselah
MGCMP Magic Camp
MGRNT Men of Granite
MILTW Military Wives
MINAM Minamata
MINAR Minari
MMAX5 Mad Max: The Wasteland
MMOMS Mean Moms
MMWV Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
MNDRK Mandrake the Magician
MNFAL Moonfall
MNSUN The King's Daughter aka The Moon and the Sun
MOLY1 Molly aka Untitled Sally Potter Project
MONHI Monster High
MONOP Monopoly
MSAIG Miss Saigon
MSBHV Misbehaviour
MSHDW Shadows
MSMON Mary Shelley's Monster
MSNBL Mission: Blacklist
MSNTH Misanthrope
MSTRM Mainstream
MTLGR Metal Gear Solid
MTRX4 The Matrix 4
MUSCL Muscle
MYOWE My Own Worst Enemy
NARN4 The Chronicles of Narnia
NATR3 National Treasure 3
NCLRK The Night Clerk
NELM2 A Nightmare on Elm Street 2
NEWSF Newsflash
NFSP2 Need for Speed 2
NGODS The New Gods
NGWIN Next Goal Wins
NHRTN Inheritance
NIATS Needle in a Timestack
NICOL Noelle
NITBD Naked Is the Best Disguise
NITNG The Nightingale - MacLaren
NMALY Nightmare Alley
NMANC Neuromancer
NOBNG No Blood, No Guts, No Glory
NODLM Noodle Man
NOMDL Nomadland
NOSFR Nosferatu
NOYES Endings, Beginnings aka Untitled Drake Doremus Project
NPEOP Ordinary Love aka Normal People
NSNGU Naked Singularity
NTWNG Nightwing
NVRSN Inversion
NWOHP Not Without Hope
NYSM3 Now You See Me 3
OBJBT Object of Beauty
ODYSY The Odyssey
OLIVR Oliver!
ON42S Overnight on 42nd Street
ONROC On the Rocks
OPMNC Operation Mincemeat
OTRUN On the Run
OUTPS The Outpost
OUTSH Out Stealing Horses
PANDM Pandemonium
PASIN Passing
PDIA3 The Princess Diaries 3
PHNTB The Phantom Tollbooth
PHO51 Photograph 51
PHODC The Personal History of David Copperfield
PHORD The Personal History of Rachel DuPree
PICKL Pickle
PIKA2 Pokemon: Detective Pikachu 2
PINK2 Pretty in Pink 2
PINOC Pinocchio - Warner Bros.
PIPPN Pippin
PKJAN Painkiller Jane
PNAC7 Paranormal Activity 7
PNOCC Pinocchio - Disney
PNOCH Pinocchio - Netflix
POISN The Angel Makers aka The Poisoners
POPEY Popeye
PORTL Portal
POSFF The Possibilities of Fireflies
POTFS Potfest aka Beerfest 2
PRBEN Private Benjamin
PRJXT Project X-traction
PRMYM Promising Young Woman
PROJ2 Project XX
PRSLV Prison Love aka Untitled Larry Charles Project
PRXMA Proxima
PTRPN Peter Pan
PTUNE The Piano Tuner
PUSS2 Puss In Boots 2
QUASI Quasimodo
QUENC Queen & Country
RACOV Random Acts of Violence
RAID1 The Raid
RALYC Rally Car
RARGB Russ & Roger Go Beyond
RCIRC The Red Circle
RCLPS Robopocalypse
RDACT Radioactive
RDLO3 Ride Along 3
REAGN Reagan
REAPR Reaper
RED11 Red 11
REDSQ Red Squad
REMNS Reminiscence
RENTL The Rental
RESE7 Resident Evil
RESUR The Resurrection aka Passion of the Christ 2
REYKJ Reykjavik
RHWHG Rita Hayworth with a Hand Grenade
RIDC3 Riddick 4: Furya
RNGAP Ranger's Apprentice
RNIMH The Rats of NIMH
RNOTC Red Notice
ROADH Road House
ROBO2 RoboCop Returns
ROSIE The Rosie Project
ROTHC Rothchild
RSTNC Resistance
RTECH Robotech
RTROP Rogue Trooper
RUNSH Run Sweetheart Run
RUNTT Run This Town
RUSH4 Rush Hour 4
RVIVL Revival
SAND2 San Andreas 2
SBLAZ Star Blazers
SBLVD Sunset Boulevard
SCARF Scarface
SCELL Splinter Cell
SCTME She Came to Me
SEACO Seacole
SECT6 Section 6
SEPRT Separation
SFRTR The Kindness of Strangers aka Secrets From The Russian Tea Room
SGATE Stargate
SGNLH Signal Hill aka Cochran
SGRDN The Secret Garden
SHAI3 Shanghai Dawn
SHAZ2 Shazam 2
SHCOL Shadow of the Colossus
SHEP2 A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon
SHILU Shanghai, I Love You
SHRK5 Shrek 5
SHRLY Shirley
SHWED Shotgun Wedding
SIGNO Significant Other
SINST Sinister Six
SISTE Sister
SKYIP The Sky is Pink
SLBLC Black Cat aka Silver & Black
SLKRD Silk Road
SLNCN The Silencing
SLOLD The Secret Life of the Lonely Doll
SLOTW Shoplifters of the World Unite
SLPSH The Sleeping Shepherd
SLTMP Shaolin Temple
SLVCP Malignant aka Silvercup
SM855 Samurai Marathon 1855
SMPLW Simple Wedding
SNWHT Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
SOMTL Sound of Metal
SONJA Red Sonja
SOTS Son of the South
SPING Spinning Gold
SPKYJ Spooky Jack
SPLSH Splash
SPONI Snow Ponies
SPWN2 Spawn
SPY2 Spy 2
SPYGS Spy Guys
SPYHT Spy Hunter
STARL The Starling
STNDN The Stand-In
STONR Stoner
STOWA Stowaway
SUBST Substitute Teacher
SUMIT Mallory aka The Summit
SUPGR Supergirl
SVHI Sweet Valley High
SWALW Swallow
SWAR3 A Star Wars Story 3
SWTHT Sweetheart
SYLVE Sylvie
SYNCH Synchronic
TALIS The Talisman
TBDCK The Birthday Cake
TBRNG The Bringing
TCATH Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat
TCHAN The Chain
TCHI7 The Trial of the Chicago 7
TCROW The Crow
TCRTL The Cartel
TDATT The Devil All the Time
TDIVE The Dive
TEOFF The Education Of Fredrick Fitzell
TEOTF The Eyes of Tammy Faye
TETRS Tetris The Movie
TFORC The Force
TFRDS The French Dispatch
TFRGV The Forgiven
TFRM7 Transformers 7
TFRND The Friend
TFTHR The Father
TGAME The Game
TGDHS The Good House
TGOON The Goon
TGRSN The Tiger Rising
THHNT The Hunt
THLIE The Lie aka Between the Earth and Sky
THNDR Thunder Run
THNIT Once Upon a Time in Staten Island aka The Night
THOKG True History of the Kelly Gang
THRLA Thrilla in Manila
THTRP The Trap
THTRU The Truth
THUMN The Humans
TIJAN This is Jane
TINK Tinker Bell aka Tink
TINT2 The Adventures of Tintin 2
TKOCF The King Of Counterfeit
TKOEM The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara
TLDON The Last Days of Night
TLMER The Little Mermaid - Disney
TLOUS The Last of Us
TLTHW The Last Thing He Wanted
TMEG2 The Meg 2
TMENU The Menu
TMFEY The Ronda Rousey Story: Through My Father’s Eyes
TMKDT The Marsh King’s Daughter
TMNT3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
TMOCN The Modern Ocean
TNUN2 The Nun 2
TOMSD Tom's Dad
TONTO El Tonto
TRANM Train Man
TREK4 Star Trek 4
TRIP4 The Trip to Greece
TRNCH The Trench
TRON3 Tron 3
TRPLT Triplets
TRUAD Truth in Advertising
TRUAM The True American
TRUSP The Tracking of a Russian Spy
TSLOH The Secret Life of Houdini
TSOPH The Sound of Philadelphia
TSUNT The Sunlit Night
TTCAF The Thomas Crown Affair
TTMIL The Thousand Miles
TTRAP The Trap - Harmony Korine
TWLFM The Wolf Man
TWNDR Into the Rainbow aka The Wonder 3D
TWWMD Those Who Wish Me Dead
TWZON The Twilight Zone
TZERO Troupe Zero
UBRP Untitled Bush + Renz Project
UGHRC Untitled Galifianakis/Hader/Rogen R-Rated Comedy
ULNEU Untitled Lila Neugebauer Project aka Untitled Jennifer Lawrence
UNDLV Undying Love
UNQLF An Unquiet Life aka Roald Dahl biopic
USATN Uptown Saturday Night
VACFR Vacation Friends
VALYG Melt With You aka Valley Girl
VANHL Van Helsing
VENM2 Venom 2
VFLTH Wounds
VGLNC Vigilance aka Cash Truck aka untitled Le Convoyeur remake
VILAN Villain
VIOLT Violet
VIVAR Vivarium
VLMAD Viva La Madness
VNFNT Viena and the Fantomes
VOACT Violence of Action
VYGRS Voyagers
WALDO Where's Waldo?
WARGP The War with Grandpa
WARNI Warning
WARPG War Pigs
WASPN Wasp Network
WDEAD The Walking Dead
WDRGN Wish Dragon
WEETZ Weetzie Bat
WFBAR Waiting for the Barbarians
WHSNW White as Snow
WILDB The Wild Bunch
WLDO Waldo
WLFHR The Wolf Hour
WMNBZ Women in Business
WMTHY Wild Mountain Thyme
WOBRW Words on Bathroom Walls
WONKA Willy Wonka
WRANS Wrong Answer
WRWLV We're Wolves aka What We Do in the Moonlight
WTWAS While the Women Are Sleeping
WWZ2 World War Z 2
XPATR Expatriate
XPNBL The ExpendaBelles
XPND4 The Expendables 4
YSHLF You Should Have Left
YUCAT Yucatan
ZOROR Z aka Zorro Reborn