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All Derivatives

Derivative Title Price
ALLAME CW: All American 15.21
CHARMD CW: Charmed 12.06
DUMBO.CA Dumbo H$70 Call 3.72
DUMBO.OW Dumbo - Opening Weekend 80.64
DUMBO.PU Dumbo H$70 Put 2.30
GLASS.BW Glass $100M Blockbuster Warrant 11.90
GODFME CBS: God Friended Me 17.85
HTYD3.BW How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World $135M Blockbuster Warrant 6.96
LEGACI CW: Legacies 14.43
LEGO2.BW The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part $100M Blockbuster Warrant 9.85
MAGNPI CBS: Magnum P.I. 15.41
NAMSTR NBC: New Amsterdam 18.18
PETSM.CA Pet Sematary H$25 Call 2.43
PETSM.OW Pet Sematary - Opening Weekend 26.11
PETSM.PU Pet Sematary H$25 Put 2.10
PRVNOC FOX: Proven Innocent 10.56
ROOKIE ABC: The Rookie 17.15
ROSWNM CW: Roswell, New Mexico 12.13
SCHOLD ABC: Schooled 13.07
SHAZM.CA Shazam! H$45 Call 2.51
SHAZM.OW Shazam! - Opening Weekend 47.06
SHAZM.PU Shazam! H$45 Put 1.75
SPARNT ABC: Single Parents 15.77
TBOEN.OW The Best of Enemies - Opening Weekend 5.51
TCKIDS FOX: The Cool Kids 17.33
TKAALR ABC: The Kids Are Alright 13.66
TNBRHD CBS: The Neighborhood 14.13
US.CA Us H$50 Call 5.28
US.OW Us - Opening Weekend 62.09
US.PU Us H$50 Put 1.23
WHSKYC ABC: Whiskey Cavalier 11.39