HSX Has Fallen

All Derivatives

Derivative Title Price
ALLRIS CBS: All Rise 15.27
ALMFAM Fox: Almost Family 12.45
ASTRA.CA Ad Astra H$20 Call 2.34
ASTRA.OW Ad Astra - Opening Weekend 19.11
ASTRA.PU Ad Astra H$20 Put 2.64
BATWOM CW: Batwoman 15.59
BLUFCL NBC: Bluff City Law 12.67
BOBHAB CBS: Bob (hearts) Abishola 12.77
BTHART Fox: Bless the Harts 12.63
C2NDAC CBS: Carol's Second Act 13.00
DWTAB.CA Downton Abbey H$15 Call 4.21
DWTAB.OW Downton Abbey - Opening Weekend 23.38
DWTAB.PU Downton Abbey H$15 Put 0.55
EMRGNC ABC: Emergence 14.32
EVERS.CA Abominable H$25 Call 2.88
EVERS.OW Abominable - Opening Weekend 26.60
EVERS.PU Abominable H$25 Put 2.42
EVILCB CBS: Evil 13.74
FAFHS.BW Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw $150M Blockbuster Warrant 13.17
JOKER.CA Joker H$80 Call 4.25
JOKER.OW Joker - Opening Weekend 88.46
JOKER.PU Joker H$80 Put 2.35
LIONK.BW The Lion King $475M Blockbuster Warrant 27.27
MFMLY.BW Once Upon a Time in Hollywood $110M Blockbuster Warrant 16.31
MIXEDS ABC: Mixed-ish 14.69
NANCYD CW: Nancy Drew 15.09
PFHRMN NBC: Perfect Harmony 12.55
PRDGLS Fox: Prodigal Son 14.81
RAMB5.CA Rambo: Last Blood H$20 Call 2.63
RAMB5.OW Rambo: Last Blood - Opening Weekend 20.15
RAMB5.PU Rambo: Last Blood H$20 Put 1.99
SPID7.BW Spider-Man: Far From Home $340M Blockbuster Warrant 19.30
STUMPT ABC: Stumptown 15.16
SUNYSD NBC: Sunnyside 13.01
UNICOR CBS: The Unicorn 14.74