All Derivatives

Derivative Title Price
ALLAME CW: All American 13.05
AMILTH ABC: A Million Little Things 13.72
ASTAR.BW A Star is Born $150M Blockbuster Warrant 15.25
CHARMD CW: Charmed 11.43
CREE2.CA Creed II H$45 Call Wed-Sun 3.72
CREE2.OW Creed II - Opening Weekend Wed-Sun 50.78
CREE2.PU Creed II H$45 Put Wed-Sun 1.34
FBST2.CA Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald H$75 Call 3.94
FBST2.OW Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - Opening Weekend 71.46
FBST2.PU Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald H$75 Put 2.09
GODFME CBS: God Friended Me 16.14
GRNBK.CA Green Book H$15 Call Wed-Sun 1.66
GRNBK.OW Green Book - Opening Weekend Wed-Sun 13.68
GRNBK.PU Green Book H$15 Put Wed-Sun 2.35
HALW3.BW Halloween $160M Blockbuster Warrant 8.03
HAPTOG CBS: Happy Together 9.31
IFEELB NBC: I Feel Bad 12.92
ISFAM.CA Instant Family H$15 Call 3.03
ISFAM.OW Instant Family - Opening Weekend 16.38
ISFAM.PU Instant Family H$15 Put 2.10
LEGACI CW: Legacies 13.18
MAGNPI CBS: Magnum P.I. 16.00
MANIFS NBC: Manifest 16.80
NAMSTR NBC: New Amsterdam 15.86
RALP2.CA Ralph Breaks the Internet H$80 Call Wed-Sun 3.67
RALP2.OW Ralph Breaks the Internet - Opening Weekend Wed-Sun 88.63
RALP2.PU Ralph Breaks the Internet H$80 Put Wed-Sun 2.00
RBNHO.CA Robin Hood H$15 Call Wed-Sun 2.26
RBNHO.OW Robin Hood - Opening Weekend Wed-Sun 13.78
RBNHO.PU Robin Hood H$15 Put Wed-Sun 2.63
RELFOX FOX: Rel 14.48
ROOKIE ABC: The Rookie 14.96
SPARNT ABC: Single Parents 14.95
TCKIDS FOX: The Cool Kids 14.63
THNUN.BW The Nun $110M Blockbuster Warrant 11.19
TKAALR ABC: The Kids Are Alright 12.49
TNBRHD CBS: The Neighborhood 11.80
VENM1.BW Venom $190M Blockbuster Warrant 15.13
WIDOW.CA Widows H$15 Call 2.81
WIDOW.OW Widows - Opening Weekend 14.61
WIDOW.PU Widows H$15 Put 2.21