HSX With You

All Derivatives

Derivative Title Price
911LST FOX: 9-1-1: Lone Star 10.64
ALLRIS CBS: All Rise 12.43
AQPL2.CA A Quiet Place Part II H$55 Call 1.54
AQPL2.OW A Quiet Place Part II - Opening Weekend 42.24
AQPL2.PU A Quiet Place Part II H$55 Put 3.21
BATWOM CW: Batwoman 15.04
BOBHAB CBS: Bob (hearts) Abishola 13.90
DUNCAN FOX: Duncanville 12.04
FBIMWT CBS: FBI: Most Wanted 9.63
FORLIF ABC: For Life 9.87
INDEBT NBC: Indebted 10.18
KKEENE CW: Katy Keene 9.47
LRHFBC NBC: Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector 11.97
MIXEDS ABC: Mixed-ish 14.42
MULN.CA Mulan H$75 Call 1.44
MULN.OW Mulan - Opening Weekend 60.77
MULN.PU Mulan H$75 Put 3.44
MYSPY.CA My Spy H$10 Call 1.35
MYSPY.OW My Spy - Opening Weekend 6.84
MYSPY.PU My Spy H$10 Put 3.31
NANCYD CW: Nancy Drew 15.01
OUTMTC FOX: Outmatched 9.58
PRDGLS Fox: Prodigal Son 11.76
SONIC.BW Sonic the Hedgehog $145M Blockbuster Warrant 3.60
STUMPT ABC: Stumptown 16.51
TOMMYC CBS: Tommy 10.24
ZOEYEP NBC: Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist 12.75