12 HSX Orphans

All Derivatives

Derivative Title Price
AQPL2.BW A Quiet Place Part II $125M Blockbuster Warrant 11.92
FAST9.BW F9: The Fast Saga $155M Blockbuster Warrant 8.94
GIJO3.CA Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins H$25 Call 1.09
GIJO3.OW Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins - Opening Weekend 19.31
GIJO3.PU Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins H$25 Put 3.26
GRNKN.OW The Green Knight - Opening Weekend 4.65
JUNGC.CA Jungle Cruise H$30 Call 3.38
JUNGC.OW Jungle Cruise - Opening Weekend 32.87
JUNGC.PU Jungle Cruise H$30 Put 2.12
KUNGFU CW: Kung Fu 6.21
OLD.CA Old H$20 Call 1.27
OLD.OW Old - Opening Weekend 16.38
OLD.PU Old H$20 Put 2.87
STLWT.OW Stillwater - Opening Weekend 5.87
SUIC2.CA The Suicide Squad H$50 Call 2.71
SUIC2.OW The Suicide Squad - Opening Weekend 51.64
SUIC2.PU The Suicide Squad H$50 Put 2.09
SUPLOS CW: Superman & Lois 13.13
WALKER CW: Walker 13.29