HSX Has Fallen

Derivative Shares Held Long

(Sep 11, 2019)
Derivative Title Shares
SPID7.BW Spider-Man: Far From Home $340M Blockbuster Warrant 24,186,106
LIONK.BW The Lion King $475M Blockbuster Warrant 23,309,088
HSTLR.OW Hustlers - Opening Weekend 23,305,881
DWTAB.OW Downton Abbey - Opening Weekend 19,442,456
MFMLY.BW Once Upon a Time in Hollywood $110M Blockbuster Warrant 19,212,104
FAFHS.BW Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw $150M Blockbuster Warrant 17,067,691
ASTRA.OW Ad Astra - Opening Weekend 15,916,828
RAMB5.OW Rambo: Last Blood - Opening Weekend 15,027,076
BATWOM CW: Batwoman 10,414,052
STUMPT ABC: Stumptown 9,728,222
UNICOR CBS: The Unicorn 8,714,346
EVERS.OW Abominable - Opening Weekend 8,638,705
BLUFCL NBC: Bluff City Law 8,636,936
PRDGLS Fox: Prodigal Son 8,609,235
MIXEDS ABC: Mixed-ish 8,394,432
EVILCB CBS: Evil 8,112,891
NANCYD CW: Nancy Drew 8,105,401
ALLRIS CBS: All Rise 8,064,393
EMRGNC ABC: Emergence 7,825,098
C2NDAC CBS: Carol's Second Act 7,735,121
BOBHAB CBS: Bob (hearts) Abishola 7,574,823
BTHART Fox: Bless the Harts 7,050,474
SUNYSD NBC: Sunnyside 6,857,435
PFHRMN NBC: Perfect Harmony 6,769,114
GLDFN.OW The Goldfinch - Opening Weekend 6,649,002
HSTLR.CA Hustlers H$20 Call 6,383,551
ALMFAM Fox: Almost Family 5,879,732
DWTAB.CA Downton Abbey H$15 Call 5,146,736
RAMB5.CA Rambo: Last Blood H$20 Call 4,997,409
ASTRA.CA Ad Astra H$20 Call 4,843,203
GLDFN.PU The Goldfinch H$10 Put 4,216,636
RAMB5.PU Rambo: Last Blood H$20 Put 3,943,101
ASTRA.PU Ad Astra H$20 Put 3,303,502
HSTLR.PU Hustlers H$20 Put 2,890,460
DWTAB.PU Downton Abbey H$15 Put 2,792,672
GLDFN.CA The Goldfinch H$10 Call 2,596,505
EVERS.CA Abominable H$25 Call 2,375,000
EVERS.PU Abominable H$25 Put 1,702,501