Uncle HSX

Derivative Shares Held Long

(Jul 18, 2018)
Derivative Title Shares
MISS6.OW Mission: Impossible - Fallout - Opening Weekend 31,891,040
DEAD2.BW Deadpool 2 $280M Blockbuster Warrant 23,896,329
MAMI2.OW Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again - Opening Weekend 23,586,540
NCRD2.BW Incredibles 2 $500M Blockbuster Warrant 22,015,350
SWAR2.BW Solo: A Star Wars Story $195M Blockbuster Warrant 19,092,157
OCEN4.BW Ocean's 8 $115M Blockbuster Warrant 18,231,180
JURA5.BW Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom $365M Blockbuster Warrant 16,925,977
WINPO.OW Christopher Robin - Opening Weekend 10,852,792
MISS6.CA Mission: Impossible - Fallout H$55 Call 9,712,362
EQLZ2.OW The Equalizer 2 - Opening Weekend 7,886,779
DRKMN.OW The Darkest Minds - Opening Weekend 6,926,567
MAMI2.CA Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again H$30 Call 6,905,364
TNTNG.OW Teen Titans Go!: To The Movies - Opening Weekend 6,108,625
TSWDM.OW The Spy Who Dumped Me - Opening Weekend 5,806,559
EQLZ2.PU The Equalizer 2 H$35 Put 5,778,803
TNTNG.PU Teen Titans Go!: To The Movies H$20 Put 5,167,051
UNFR2.OW Unfriended: Dark Web - Opening Weekend 4,990,116
UNFR2.PU Unfriended: Dark Web H$10 Put 4,554,701
EQLZ2.CA The Equalizer 2 H$35 Call 4,487,542
WINPO.CA Christopher Robin H$35 Call 3,375,338
TNTNG.CA Teen Titans Go!: To The Movies H$20 Call 3,268,109
MAMI2.PU Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again H$30 Put 3,129,003
TSWDM.PU The Spy Who Dumped Me H$20 Put 2,528,503
MISS6.PU Mission: Impossible - Fallout H$55 Put 2,495,806
SARCH.PU Searching H$10 Put 2,411,103
UNFR2.CA Unfriended: Dark Web H$10 Call 2,380,005
TSWDM.CA The Spy Who Dumped Me H$20 Call 2,378,503
WINPO.PU Christopher Robin H$35 Put 2,183,002
DRKMN.CA The Darkest Minds H$10 Call 1,991,002
DRKMN.PU The Darkest Minds H$10 Put 1,941,002
SARCH.OW Searching - Opening Weekend 1,721,002
SARCH.CA Searching H$10 Call 1,230,002