The HSX Murders

Derivative Shares Held Long

(Sep 12, 2018)
Derivative Title Shares
MISS6.BW Mission: Impossible - Fallout $180M Blockbuster Warrant 21,730,334
ANTM2.BW Ant-Man and the Wasp $185M Blockbuster Warrant 21,196,156
HTRN3.BW Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation $135M Blockbuster Warrant 20,567,038
PRED4.OW The Predator - Opening Weekend 18,861,710
MAMI2.BW Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again $105M Blockbuster Warrant 18,002,770
MEG.BW The Meg $120M Blockbuster Warrant 17,648,444
CRASN.BW Crazy Rich Asians $135M Blockbuster Warrant 16,222,953
THWCW.OW The House With a Clock in Its Walls - Opening Weekend 15,980,496
MAGNPI CBS: Magnum P.I. 12,099,223
NTSCH.OW Night School - Opening Weekend 11,021,516
SMLFT.OW Smallfoot - Opening Weekend 10,695,969
FBICBS CBS: FBI 10,544,244
MANIFS NBC: Manifest 9,386,360
AMILTH ABC: A Million Little Things 8,264,543
NAMSTR NBC: New Amsterdam 8,106,459
ASFAV.OW A Simple Favor - Opening Weekend 8,073,521
GODFME CBS: God Friended Me 7,976,547
CHARMD CW: Charmed 7,820,329
TNBRHD CBS: The Neighborhood 7,437,067
SPARNT ABC: Single Parents 7,344,704
RELFOX FOX: Rel 7,255,464
TCKIDS FOX: The Cool Kids 6,898,975
LEGACI CW: Legacies 6,470,488
HAPTOG CBS: Happy Together 6,396,963
ASNAT.OW Assassination Nation - Opening Weekend 6,382,312
FH119.OW Fahrenheit 11/9 - Opening Weekend 6,329,552
PRED4.CA The Predator H$30 Call 6,255,331
IFEELB NBC: I Feel Bad 6,183,492
ALLAME CW: All American 5,802,901
LIFIS.OW Life Itself - Opening Weekend 5,121,012
THWCW.CA The House With a Clock in Its Walls H$20 Call 5,034,012
ASFAV.PU A Simple Favor H$15 Put 4,133,915
WBRIC.PU White Boy Rick H$10 Put 4,113,333
WBRIC.OW White Boy Rick - Opening Weekend 4,059,722
FH119.PU Fahrenheit 11/9 H$10 Put 3,596,204
PRED4.PU The Predator H$30 Put 3,484,189
SMLFT.CA Smallfoot H$25 Call 2,949,526
NTSCH.CA Night School H$25 Call 2,913,001
FH119.CA Fahrenheit 11/9 H$10 Call 2,835,626
ASFAV.CA A Simple Favor H$15 Call 2,801,388
HELFS.PU Hell Fest H$15 Put 2,658,502
THWCW.PU The House With a Clock in Its Walls H$20 Put 2,569,355
HELFS.OW Hell Fest - Opening Weekend 2,550,003
WBRIC.CA White Boy Rick H$10 Call 2,326,388
SMLFT.PU Smallfoot H$25 Put 2,089,002
LITWM.OW Little Women - Opening Weekend 2,020,002
NTSCH.PU Night School H$25 Put 1,894,603
HELFS.CA Hell Fest H$15 Call 1,566,003