HSX Erased

Derivative Shares Buy/Sell

(Nov 28, 2018 - Dec 12, 2018)
Derivative Title Buy
ASPDR.OW Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - Opening Weekend 16,231,925
TMULE.OW The Mule - Opening Weekend 8,365,297
ASPDR.CA Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse H$30 Call 5,803,675
FREDI.BW Bohemian Rhaposdy $145M Blockbuster Warrant 3,572,184
MENGN.PU Mortal Engines H$20 Put 3,424,986
TMULE.CA The Mule H$15 Call 2,809,660
MENGN.OW Mortal Engines - Opening Weekend 2,146,613
ASTAR.BW A Star is Born $150M Blockbuster Warrant 1,117,091
VENM1.BW Venom $190M Blockbuster Warrant 692,547
MENGN.CA Mortal Engines H$20 Call 686,546
ASPDR.PU Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse H$30 Put 439,013
TMULE.PU The Mule H$15 Put 419,004
HAPTOG CBS: Happy Together 110,545
AMILTH ABC: A Million Little Things 105,251
SPARNT ABC: Single Parents 98,042
ALLAME CW: All American 82,634
GODFME CBS: God Friended Me 70,443
MANIFS NBC: Manifest 57,490
TCKIDS FOX: The Cool Kids 55,611
LEGACI CW: Legacies 48,840
ROOKIE ABC: The Rookie 33,309
NAMSTR NBC: New Amsterdam 33,132
TKAALR ABC: The Kids Are Alright 14,137
IFEELB NBC: I Feel Bad 5,934
Derivative Title Sell
HALW3.BW Halloween $160M Blockbuster Warrant 831,625
TNBRHD CBS: The Neighborhood 84,344
MAGNPI CBS: Magnum P.I. 49,839
CHARMD CW: Charmed 16,285
RELFOX FOX: Rel 11,601