HSX School

Derivative Shares Buy/Sell

(Oct 10, 2018 - Oct 17, 2018)
Derivative Title Buy
HALW3.OW Halloween - Opening Weekend 6,417,879
HALW3.CA Halloween H$40 Call 2,179,477
JENG3.OW Johnny English Strikes Again - Opening Weekend 1,516,001
HNTKL.PU Hunter Killer H$10 Put 1,495,126
HNTKL.OW Hunter Killer - Opening Weekend 863,203
HTUGV.OW The Hate U Give - Opening Weekend 657,020
CRASN.BW Crazy Rich Asians $135M Blockbuster Warrant 526,867
HTUGV.PU The Hate U Give H$10 Put 424,450
MEG.BW The Meg $120M Blockbuster Warrant 354,657
HNTKL.CA Hunter Killer H$10 Call 286,870
THNUN.BW The Nun $110M Blockbuster Warrant 234,307
TKAALR ABC: The Kids Are Alright 116,751
ROOKIE ABC: The Rookie 116,739
TNBRHD CBS: The Neighborhood 67,121
HALW3.PU Halloween H$40 Put 49,499
MANIFS NBC: Manifest 44,264
NAMSTR NBC: New Amsterdam 30,758
TCKIDS FOX: The Cool Kids 24,501
LEGACI CW: Legacies 13,797
CHARMD CW: Charmed 13,443
ALLAME CW: All American 11,010
MAGNPI CBS: Magnum P.I. 2,765
SPARNT ABC: Single Parents 224
Derivative Title Sell
HTUGV.CA The Hate U Give H$10 Call 160,716
HAPTOG CBS: Happy Together 31,377
RELFOX FOX: Rel 30,591
IFEELB NBC: I Feel Bad 19,900
AMILTH ABC: A Million Little Things 18,058
GODFME CBS: God Friended Me 2,423