Downton HSX

Fund Shares Held Long

(Oct 9, 2019)
Fund Title Shares
SPORT The Sports Fund 41,314,701
AUSIE The Down Under Fund 35,240,547
DJAVU The Remake Fund 10 25,308,044
YOUNG Young Hollywood Fund 23,352,719
KIDS The Kids Fund 22,703,018
ZOO The Animal Fund 20,597,709
LATIN Latino Fund Nueve 19,157,148
BONDS StarBonds Fund 18,987,737
AWARD The Academy Awards Fund 18,715,212
BRITS The British Fund 18,274,888
LGBTQ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Fund 17,454,912
OPENR The Opening Weekend Fund 17,375,248
AFRAM The African-American Fund 15 15,564,610
DISNX Disney Studio Fund 11,798,546
PERID Back in the Day Fund 11,214,188
UNIVX Universal Studio Fund 10,052,759
WBROX Warner Bros. Studio Fund 9,946,512
SONYX Sony Studio Fund 9,922,810
PARAX Paramount Studio Fund 9,726,197
LGFX Lionsgate Studio Fund 9,501,357
SQUEL The Sequel Fund 6,354,048