The Violent HSX

Derivative Shares Held Short

(May 5, 2021)
Derivative Title Shares
AQPL2.OW A Quiet Place Part II - Opening Weekend 13,490,964
VGLNC.OW Wrath of Man - Opening Weekend 10,034,393
AQPL2.CA A Quiet Place Part II H$55 Call 2,637,501
TWWMD.OW Those Who Wish Me Dead - Opening Weekend 2,050,001
VGLNC.CA Wrath of Man H$10 Call 1,966,108
SAW9.PU Spiral H$15 Put 1,085,001
AQPL2.PU A Quiet Place Part II H$55 Put 980,161
SAW9.OW Spiral - Opening Weekend 500,001
USOFAL CBS: United States of Al 432,500
EQULZR CBS: The Equalizer 367,020
GOVKO.BW Godzilla vs. Kong $90M Blockbuster Warrant 357,510
CLARIC CBS: Clarice 344,287
CYMOTH ABC: Call Your Mother 335,249
BPOSTV CBS: B Positive 306,111
BIGSKY ABC: Big Sky 295,000
KENANB NBC: Kenan 294,007
GNORTH FOX: The Great North 250,000
YNGROC NBC: Young Rock 226,050
VGLNC.PU Wrath of Man H$10 Put 225,088
DEBRIS NBC: Debris 217,509
SAW9.CA Spiral H$15 Call 205,000
SUPLOS CW: Superman & Lois 133,613
REBELA ABC: Rebel 130,000
KUNGFU CW: Kung Fu 112,000
HOMEEC ABC: Home Economics 110,500
WALKER CW: Walker 50,001