Uncle HSX

Derivative Shares Held Short

(Jul 18, 2018)
Derivative Title Shares
EQLZ2.OW The Equalizer 2 - Opening Weekend 15,396,501
UNFR2.OW Unfriended: Dark Web - Opening Weekend 13,245,502
TNTNG.OW Teen Titans Go!: To The Movies - Opening Weekend 12,659,412
SARCH.OW Searching - Opening Weekend 8,017,002
TSWDM.OW The Spy Who Dumped Me - Opening Weekend 4,287,601
MAMI2.OW Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again - Opening Weekend 3,080,904
MISS6.PU Mission: Impossible - Fallout H$55 Put 2,416,296
DRKMN.OW The Darkest Minds - Opening Weekend 2,310,000
UNFR2.CA Unfriended: Dark Web H$10 Call 2,066,603
MAMI2.PU Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again H$30 Put 1,900,234
EQLZ2.CA The Equalizer 2 H$35 Call 1,745,001
WINPO.OW Christopher Robin - Opening Weekend 1,700,002
TNTNG.CA Teen Titans Go!: To The Movies H$20 Call 1,545,000
MISS6.OW Mission: Impossible - Fallout - Opening Weekend 1,027,500
SARCH.CA Searching H$10 Call 940,001
MAMI2.CA Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again H$30 Call 582,531
TSWDM.CA The Spy Who Dumped Me H$20 Call 500,000
EQLZ2.PU The Equalizer 2 H$35 Put 493,000
DRKMN.CA The Darkest Minds H$10 Call 426,002
WINPO.PU Christopher Robin H$35 Put 288,001
UNFR2.PU Unfriended: Dark Web H$10 Put 270,701
DRKMN.PU The Darkest Minds H$10 Put 260,001
TNTNG.PU Teen Titans Go!: To The Movies H$20 Put 221,000
WINPO.CA Christopher Robin H$35 Call 205,002
TSWDM.PU The Spy Who Dumped Me H$20 Put 140,000
SWAR2.BW Solo: A Star Wars Story $195M Blockbuster Warrant 80,000
SARCH.PU Searching H$10 Put 60,000
MISS6.CA Mission: Impossible - Fallout H$55 Call 60,000
DEAD2.BW Deadpool 2 $280M Blockbuster Warrant 40,001
JURA5.BW Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom $365M Blockbuster Warrant 40,000
NCRD2.BW Incredibles 2 $500M Blockbuster Warrant 20,000
OCEN4.BW Ocean's 8 $115M Blockbuster Warrant 0